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Old Wilcox County Courthouse

Wilcox County is located in southwestern Alabama, and is in the black belt soil of Alabama. Camden, the county seat, had a population of 2,259 in 2000; the county’s population was 13,183.


Camden is the commercial and governmental center for Wilcox County. All Wilcox County departments are here. Numerous federal agencies are also represented in Camden. The Alabama-Tombigbee Regional Commission also has its office in Camden. ATRC serves Wilcox and nine other surrounding counties by providing planning and advisory services to the municipal and county governments.


Wilcox County was named for Lieutenant Joseph M. Wilcox, an army officer from Connecticut who was killed in a battle with the Indians on the banks of the Alabama River in this region in 1814. One day older than the State of Alabama (Dec. 1, 1819), Wilcox County includes numerous examples of antebellum homes and buildings, most still in continuous use. Its towns are also historic. Camden was incorporated in 1842, after the county seat was moved from the banks of the Alabama River. Oak Hill was settled in the early 1800’s. Pine Apple was founded in 1820. Pine Hill saw its first settlers in the early 1800’s. Yellow Bluff is our newest town, incorporated in 1986. Read more about the history of the county at this link.


Mean annual temperature is 63.3° F. In January it is 41.5° F., while July’s temperature is 80.9° F. Average annual rainfall is 48.7 inches. Snowfall is rare. Camden is 230 ft. above seas level. Prevailing winds are southerly. The average growing season in the county is 239 days.


Wilcox County has a countywide public school system, with schools in Camden, Pine Apple, and Pine Hill. Camden schools include a grade school (K-4 grades), middle school (5-9 grades), and a consolidated high school (10-12). The school in Pine Hill serves grades K-6, while Pine Hill’s school serves grades K-9. There is also one private school in the county, Wilcox Academy (K-12).

Municipal Governments

The county has five incorporated communities, all with mayor-council form of governments.

Fire Protection

There are 12 active volunteer fire departments scattered in every community in the county. All have modern equipment and maintain regular training sessions for their volunteers. They also respond to large fires as requested.

Law Enforcement

Camden and Pine Hill have full time police departments. The county sheriff’s department provides law enforcement for the other communities as well as the entire county. The sheriff’s office is in Camden. All of the law enforcement agencies have radio communication with each other, as well as the volunteer fire departments and the county emergency medical service.


Camden is located at the junctions of Alabama Highways 10, 28, and 41. It is about 65 miles west of I-65 (north-south) and 100 miles south of I-59/20 (east-west), and about 100 miles north of I-10 (east-west).

Pine Hill is served by the Norfolk-Southern Railroad. Burlington-Northern Railroad also serves the western part of the county.

Medical Facilities

J. Paul Jones Hospital is a 26-bed hospital, staffed by 3 resident physicians. Emergency medical service is available throughout the county. There are two dental clinics in Camden and one in Pine Hill. Camden is also served by an optometrist, several home health agencies, and a physical therapy clinic.


Wilcox County is served by two airports. The Camden Municipal Airport is a 4200 foot runway located 3 miles southwest of Camden. The Pine Hill Municipal Airport is a 4460 foot runway located 1 mile south of Pine Hill. Commercial air service is available in Montgomery, about 70 miles northeast.


Both Camden and Pine Hill have Cable TV access. TV stations in Montgomery, Selma, Demopolis, and Mobile may be received by individual antennas where Cable TV is not available. The county is served by two local internet service providers. High speed internet is available in many areas through either the phone or cable service.

The Wilcox Progressive Era, a weekly newspaper, serves the entire county, and is located in Camden. Dailey delivery of newspapers from Montgomery, Mobile, and Selma is available.


Roland Cooper State Park, is located on the Alabama River about 6 miles north of Camden. Its facilities include a 9-hole golf course, rental cabins, RV and camping facilities with utility hook-ups. The Corps of Engineers operates numerous camping and boat launching facilities within minutes of Camden and the surrounding towns.

The City of Camden has one park which includes softball and baseball fields. It also operates a boat launching park on the Alabama River. The County operates a boat launching facility on the river, about 9 miles west of Camden.

Pine Hill has a park which includes a mile paved and lighted walking track. Tennis courts are available in Camden, Oak Hill, Pine Apple, and Pine Hill.


The Wilcox County Library is located in the Courthouse in Camden. It has about 33,000 volumes, plus audio and video tapes, and internet access. It is well known for its extensive genealogical records. As a public library it can provide access to books and other services from the state library, or other libraries as requested. The county library also has branches in Pine Apple and Pine Hill.


Wilcox County, Alabama, is likely best known for its numerous outdoor opportunities. The rural landscape boasts an impressive selection of game animals including whitetail deer, wild turkeys, feral hogs, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, doves, and geese. The county has more miles of riverfront than any other county in south Alabama.

Lake Dannelly, also known as Miller’s Ferry Lake, on the Alabama River is recognized as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the state. It also boasts excellent crappie and catfishing waters. The lake is also attractive to pleasure boaters seeking relief from the high traffic of many of the southeast’s crowded lakes. Please see the outdoors section of this site to learn more.


Wilcox County is home to four sites along the Black Belt Birding Trail, including Shell Creek & East Bank Parks, Roland Cooper State Park, Gee’s Bend Park and Chilatchee Creek Park.


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