Welcome from the Chairman


I want to begin by saying thanks to the commission and people of Wilcox County for allowing me to serve as your chairman. We together have proven that a new energetic idea in local government can make a difference.

Welcome to our web site. We hope that we are providing information that you will find useful and that will also save you time in finding out all you would like to know about Wilcox County. If you need additional information, be sure to contact us.

The Wilcox County Commission works to ensure high quality services with outstanding customer service at an exceptional value to taxpayers.  We foster economic sustainability and enhance the county’s reputation as a high performing, caring organization.

We are proud to serve the public.  We, along with other elected officials and county employees, will strive to provide the citizens of Wilcox County with responsive and responsible local government.

Wilcox County is a fantastic place to work and live.  Our citizens are friendly and hard working.  The beauty of the county is stunning, and our natural resources are abundant.

Your county government has a sincere willingness to work as a team and make compromises for the betterment of all Wilcox County.

John Moton, County Commission Chairman